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Sample Engagements

Business Integrity & Compliance

Independent Compliance Advisory
FGIS served as an independent compliance advisor to a European multi-national automobile manufacturer with over 200,000 employees around the world and operations in over 100 countries. Services included assessing compliance programs with a specific focus on ensuring the company’s operations remained compliant with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Intercollegiate Athletic Program Compliance Assessment
FGIS was engaged by a major university with a preeminent intercollegiate athletics program to provide an independent assessment of its athletic compliance program and related-investigative procedures. In addition to providing observations and recommendations on how best to improve the athletic compliance department structure, policies and procedures, the services included providing guidance for monitoring and investigating incidents related to high-profile student-athletes.

Compliance Investigation
FGIS was engaged by a large Asian technology firm to perform a compliance-related investigation in South America and assess the risks related to alleged employee misconduct. The engagement included conducting interviews and the development of substantial changes to the company’s compliance efforts.