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Business Integrity & Compliance

Effective governance, compliance and anti-corruption programs are essential for success in today’s business environment. The responsibilities of business leaders, compliance and risk management professionals to comply with the wide array of regulations that apply to their global businesses have never been more demanding. FGIS can assist organizations to implement practical strategies to meet these demands. We work with our clients to identify risks, evaluate the effectiveness of existing corporate governance policies, design or enhance compliance programs and training efforts, and provide ongoing monitoring of compliance activities.

Organizations that foster a culture of integrity and compliance see the results in bottom line profits, employee satisfaction and public confidence. FGIS has the experience and expertise to provide custom solutions to ensure such sustainable success.

How We Can Help

Compliance Assessments and Program Development
The primary objective of a compliance program is to prevent problems before a crisis occurs. FGIS can evaluate the effectiveness of your current corporate governance, compliance and anti-corruption programs and identify needed modifications to minimize exposure, detect problems swiftly and ensure an appropriate response. Working with your internal compliance and risk management team, FGIS can enhance or design corporate governance, compliance and anti-corruption programs including development of a robust code of conduct and formal training programs to help ensure policies and regulatory requirements are integrated throughout your organization.

Anti-Corruption and FCPA Assessments and Training
The leadership of FGIS has significant experience in matters involving compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Our subject matter experts can design FCPA and anti-corruption training programs tailored to your specific business and industry. FGIS can also conduct large scale training sessions or more intimate internal workshops, combining formal presentations with case study scenarios that facilitate audience participation and discussion.

Compliance programs require constant monitoring and vigilance. As an independent monitor, FGIS can provide organizations with ongoing independent inspections, investigations and verification services to validate the effectiveness of existing governance, ethics, compliance and anti-corruption programs. These services may include providing periodic assessments of a new or modified ethics and compliance program to determine the progress, working as an internal advisor to provide support for gathering and evaluating reports of alleged misconduct or serving as a court-appointed Independent Monitor.

Sample Engagements